Beetroot is a common vegetable. It is called “beetroot” because of its sweetness. The main raw material of beetroot powder is from beetroot. Organic Freeze Dried Beetroot Fruit Juice Powder is a powdery substance processed through a special process, rich in iron, folic acid, vitamin C, nitrate, betaine, magnesium and powerful antioxidants.

Beton is a leading Natrual bulk freeze dried beetroot fruit juice powder manufacturer from china, our beetroot juice powder features of instantly dissolved and easy to use.

What are the benefits of beet juice powder?

1.Beetroot juice powder helps lower blood pressure and can also improve heart and immune function.

2.Beetroot juice powder can effectively improve sports performance, lower blood pressure, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidant effects.

3.Beetroot juice powder contains active substances, which can effectively relieve symptoms such as gastric ulcers. It can also eliminate the moisture in the human abdomen and relieve the symptoms of abdominal distension.